At last the folk in Leitrim, have a Church in which to pray,
Our thanks to Canon Hoare who started it on its way.
The year was 1888, a lot of work was done,
The love of God was foremost, in each and everyone.
They gave their labour freely, those men who carted stones,
Who can forget the TAYLORS, MORANS AND McKEOWNS.

Also let us remember those who worship in TOOMNA,
They have contributed generously, like our folk from FARNAGH.
When the ramblers gathered round the fireside,
The general conversation was the CHAPEL, their great prid.
Another point of interest, was whose steed outshone the rest,
Truly there were many, that withstood the test.

Their combined voices seemed to echo from the hills.
O’CONNORS great big chestnut was aclaimed the best,
Daily he was reputed to have carted with zest.
Remember each and all of them, when you kneel and pray,
This Church will be a HOLY place, for long and many a DAY.

This beautiful poem came from Seattle, USA, composed just after the Church was built.
Treasured possession of the Late John McGuire, Annagh, Leitrim P.O.

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