The Catholic Church requires of both parties:
• To give at least three months notice of their intention to get married.
• Recent Baptismal Certificate (within six months of date of Marriage)
Confirmation Certificate.
• Proof of Freedom to Marry. Letter(s) of Freedom from any location where you have resided six months or over since you were 18 years of age (An affidavit will suffice)
Certificate of a Marriage Preparation Course. (e.g. Accord:
• Canonical Dispensations (e.g. if a marriage of mixed religion). If either party has been previously married it is essential that freedom to marry can be established before any marriage arrangements are confirmed.
Pre-nuptial Enquiry Form to be completed by the priest of the parish in which you reside. If the parish where you now reside is not the parish where you were baptised or confirmed, it would be helpful if you obtained the certificate of your baptism and confirmation before you approach the priest where you now reside.

Rehearsal: Generally it is recommended that a couple should arrange a rehearsal in preparation for the wedding ceremony. It would be helpful to have as many people as possible, who are involved in the ceremony, present for the rehearsal.

Cover charge: There is a cover charge of €300 for the use of the church. **This applies only when both the bride and groom come from outside the parish. Payment should be made to St.Mary’s Church Renovation Fund and forwarded to the Parochial House, St.Mary’s Close, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, at the time of booking the Church. In the event of a couple having to cancel their plans to get married in Kiltoghert Parish this cover charge will be refunded in full.

Solemniser: Where both bride and groom come from outside the parish, you are asked to provide your own priest or solemniser where possible (i.e. a priest in good standing who is on the Register of Solemnisers).

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