Having your child baptised – Kiltoghert Parish

We as a Parish Community rejoice with you on the birth of your child and now we gladly welcome your child into the Christian Community. We offer the following guidelines to support you in your decision to have your child baptised in this parish.

As parents you will be the first teachers of your child in the ways of the faith. This is a great privilege but also a significant responsibility. Our Baptismal preparation programme will be of support to you in your decision.


- A minimum of four weeks notice to be given

- All requests for baptism are made to the parish office @ 071-9620118

- The date of baptism can then be confirmed on receipt of completed application

- Our celebration of Baptism takes place in particular churches on set Sundays at 1.30pm. They are :

St Patrick’s, Gowel – 1st Sunday of the Month.
St Mary’s, Carrick – 2nd Sunday of the Month.
St Joseph’s, Leitrim – 3rd Sunday of the Month.
Sacred Heart, Jamestown – 4th Sunday of the Month.

- One of our Baptismal team will visit your home prior to the child’s baptism, at a time of your convenience.

- A course of preparation which is specifically for those having their first child baptised, will take place prior to the baptism.

  Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim - Telephone : 071 96 20118